Friday, June 24, 2016

What's On My Cutting Table....

Have you ever had one of those projects...a project, that while you are excited about it, love the fabric, love the pattern....everything just keeps presenting challenges?

That pretty much describes where I am at right now, 😜!
From unexpected fabric substitutions, to not being able to follow my own instructions.... 
to unfortunate cutting errors, due entirely to not following my own instructions....
To say this project is getting started on the wrong foot seems like a big understatement for sure....

But with all that being said...I have hope. Hope that this lovely Jardin Gris fabric 
from RJR Fabrics is going to wow, despite my fumbles...
and that even with some beginning struggles..the end project is going to be amazing....

I'll keep you posted, but for now, here are some pics of What I've Been Up To:

Project 1

Cutting and Prep...

to lots of chain piecing....

and gorgeous HST...

to a question....or maybe a tip for some.....When you are creating HST, how do you go about it?
Do you just let fate take its course or do you fussy cut or a combination of both? For the most part, I am more of a let fate take it's course with a little bit of's what I mean....

I cut my squares 1/2" larger then the trimmed HSTs will be ( ex. cut 3.5" sq. and trim to 3"sq )  I just cut strips and sub cut into the size, but when I am sewing the two pieces together I will check both rotations of the block to see what gives me the best outcome....

 Don't forget that you still need to trim and the seam will take 1/4" too, so mainly I look to see what I have in the more central area of the triangles....and then I sew my two stitch lines!!

Project 2

 Of course if you have been following me, you will know that I am very rarely ever doing just one project....and you will remember this awesome fabric from the last give away I hosted...

Garden Gate from P&B Textiles

 Well I had some extra bits left over and you know how much I love this none can be left unused....

 I stumbled across this lovely idea over on Fanny Lu Designs and just knew it was what I needed to do with the extra bits! This is going to be amazing! 
I mean what can be better then combining two creative loves into one project....When crocheting meets fabric....yes please!!

Check this out....and check out the tutorial Tiffany has made...including YouTube videos, for us very visual learners!!

 Isn't this lovely!! 
I can't wait to see my blocks come together!! 

 The yarn I chose and I hope it will work....though I may have to change it, because I just realized this yarn is thicker then what is called for in the it maybe too thick to sew with??
Updates to follow on this one for sure!!

 Project 3

For night time, lol....I just can't watch tv without something in my hands, and right now I am loving crocheting! Especially since finding the join as you go technique.

I am working on another blanket, this time a lap size I think, with a hexie pattern! 108 Hexies started now to add the rest of the rounds in scrappy fashion! Or as scrappy as 4 colours will get you, and joining with white! More updates to come!!

That's it for me for now!! 

See you back here in a few days for June's One Block Wonders Link UP


  1. Super idea for the blocks, I wondered how they were joined then I saw you crochet into the fabric first. Great use for all those cut off pieces.

  2. Busy, busy lady you are!! I made my hsts the same way. Love the fabric and crocheted together blocks.

  3. I do my HST just like you, kind of up to fate, but I will peek first to see if I can get a motif in one of the triangles. And Project #2 has been on my 'to make' list for a couple of years! I started with charm packs, have them sewn and turned, but need to top stitch. Then the crocheting - LOL - I don't know how to crochet! But Tiffany's tuts are pretty thorough, so just maybe .... maybe I can find a local person to help me with that step. But, she used 6" squares, and I'm using 5" squares. Here's hoping I can figure it all out!

    Have fun with your projects!


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