Friday, August 21, 2015

#101 I Took the Kona Club Challenge!!!

I am so excited to share....
I was asked to be a part of the Kona Club Challenge at Sew Sisters
and my project is being featured on their blog today!!  

Every month the Kona Club members receive 4 FQs or 4 half yards of Kona Cotton. The monthly colour selection is inspired by a photograph that inspires Sew Sisters.

My challenge was to come up with an original project, using one of the monthly collections.
(sneak peak, my practise sample, made for Canada Day!!)

Sew Sister's is Giving away a FQ bundle of the Kona Cottons I used in the actual project....

but please come back and finish reading, my long overdue 
What I've Been Up To post, lol!! 

What I've Been Up To:

I made some blocks to donate to some amazing projects to help people hit by tragedies....I love it when I can give back, and bless others in what seems like such a small way. Many hands make light work, as the saying goes, and it is so true when quilters rally together to make quilts for others.

#Peace Quilts: I heard about this on Instagram, organized by @forestbuckets for the victims of Charleston. The quilt(s) being made with these 1/2 sq triangle blocks is amazing.

#Flood Texas with Love: Another on I found on Instagram organized by @supersara20 There were 37 completed quilts donated (with the possibility of 39 if the left overs were put together, how amazing is that)

For Keeps Pledge: People Comforters of Evergreen, Colorado This quilting group has for decades has been making heartfelt quilts for local victims of crimes & trauma. Amy Gibson has donated one of her patterns from her newly released book, For Keeps, for you to make and donate blocks for this Charity Block Drive. You can find out more over on Amy Gibson's site

I loved the Missing U block, from Sunday Morning Quilts, so much that I just kept making more. It is a great way to use up scraps from previous projects (although my bins still look too full, how is that possible??)!! I have almost made enough to start putting them together....this one is going to be a big quilt, as the blocks finish at 15".

Last share for today, 

I was so thrilled to be chosen as one of the International Fabric Ambassador for
and my first fabric challenge was this lovely package of Tonga Treats. The colours are so saturated and rich.
It was fun to get to work and come up with an original project to showcase this fabric and give you an idea of ways to use 10" precuts.
So here is a sneak peak for an upcoming tutorial.
I am having so much fun designing one block quilts that I may make it a monthly feature post starting in October. (I need to hear from you on that front. If there is enough interest, I will put in the time to make a full year of blocks, 12 "one block wonders" as I like to call them. So leave a comment....and add a yes or no on that question, or elaborate if you want!!)
*UPDATE: It's not official yet, but I think the BOM is a go, I have set up a FaceBook Group so if you are interested follow this link and sign up!!
If there is enough interest, I will post this tutorial in September, as an introduction to the series of blocks, making the series a "bakers dozen"!! :)


  1. I think you should definitely do the quilt series! it's great to have a collection of block ideas that look even better in a layout

  2. Would like to see one block wonders series!

  3. Would love to be a part of your quilt series. Am trying to make quilts for the kids and grandkids, being a newbie I need more inspiration for beginner quilts. :) Thanks for your wonderful blog.

  4. Looks so good, and YES, I would be so glad to join in your new series, Those colours are so rich, and the block looks great

  5. I would love to follow a "one block wonders" series with you!

    The Tonga Treats Jingle roll is a great combo! I'd love to find them in a FQ or even a HY bundle!

  6. Yes I think the one block wonders sounds wonderful!!! Count me in!!


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