Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Morning Savings....with a Guest Blogger

This weeks Monday Morning Savings is being guest hosted by Jacquelynne Steves. Jacquelynne and I met over social media and her amazing talent just grabbed my attention. She is an artist, fabric designer, pattern designer and author of The Art of Home. (a fabulous free EMagazine) She's here to tell you about her free BOM......


First, I’d like to thank Sandy for allowing me to “visit” with you all today! I hope that this is a bit like having a giant tea party… Everyone go grab a cup of your favorite beverage for our “get together” here today… I’ll wait…

teacup art- Jacquelynne Steves_

Are you back?? Great! Let’s chat!

We have been working on a project over at my blog that I thought you might like- It’s a FREE Block of the Month and it has a teacup theme. Doesn’t that sound cozy? In fact, the name of the BOM is Cozy Afternoon, because when I was designing it, I was thinking about cozy days spent wrapped in a quilt, sipping tea, and just relaxing with some hand sewing or perhaps flipping through a favorite magazine or reading a lovely book (Jane Austen, anyone??)

Binding Cozy Afternoon- Jacquelynne Steves_

There is a little something for everyone with these blocks- the patterns include options for just piecing, applique, and simple hand embroidery, so you can choose your favorite technique… Here is the same block shown all 3 ways… they all look very different, but so pretty :) I really had fun choosing the different fabrics for each technique. (Yes- I made 3 of these quilts!) Do you have a favorite?

Block 4 Cozy Afternoon BOM

Participants from all over the world have been sending me photos of their blocks. That is my very favorite part of hosting my free BOM’s- seeing what everyone creates with the pattern! It’s always so interesting to see how different fabrics and techniques can totally change the look of a block!

Cozy Afternoon blocks

Darlee from Quiltstrings is making 2 different quilts with this pattern. The blocks in the front of this photo show the pattern as I designed it. In the back, however, you will see that she got creative, made the blocks in various red fabrics and used maple leafs as her applique motifs- she is making the Maple Leaf quilt for a special someone and thought that they would really like that:


Another photo of Darlee's creative maple leaf blocks:


Hmmm.... is your creativity humming along now?? What kind of blocks can you make with the Cozy Afternoon pattern?

You can also click here for more ideas about color palettes for this quilt.

Cozy Afternoon Free BOM- Jacquelynne Steves- Different Colorways

Did I mention that this is a FREE Block of the Month? And you get instructions for all 3 techniques (just piecing, applique, and embroidery.) We have already started, but it’s not too late to jump in and start stitching! The patterns have lots of step by step diagrams, so this is a wonderful project whether you are a beginning or seasoned quilter. For example, you will learn my “Birthday Cake” technique for making striped corners on your blocks:

Birthday Cake Unit- Cozy Afternoon BOM

When you sign up, you will receive all of the previous blocks, so you can get started right away! I would love to have you join us!! Just click here to get started. In all, you will receive all 5 block patterns, plus the instructions to make the quilt shown below.


And to add to the fun, we are having giveaways and we post photos of participants’ progress on my Facebook page and on our group Pinterest page. LINKS. As I mentioned- seeing everyone’s work is my favorite part of this super-fun event, and a lot of people have said that it is their favorite part as well!

And speaking of fun- Let’s have a giveaway here on Sandy’s blog! TWO lucky winners will receive this delightful digital pattern pack.

Giveaway for UpstairsHobbyRoom- Cozy Afternoon Free BOM

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you will stop by, and invite your friends!! I can’t wait to “meet” you all and see your fabulous projects! Thanks again to Sandy for “having me over” today!!


xx Happy Stitching! xx

And a few Sales Reminders....


  1. Lovely to have a guest, I think I already receive those lovely patterns,

  2. I'm already participating in the Cozy Afternoon bom/quilt...I love the applique style :-D

  3. I am participating but have not as yet done any of the blocks but they are on my to do list.

  4. I really like embroidery but haven't tried much appliqué lately. So I would try the appliqué. The blocks are so cute.

  5. I love the applique one, probably could do the embroidery one and could ace the patchwork!! :)

  6. I love the applique one, probably could do the embroidery one and could ace the patchwork!! :)

  7. I would like to make the appliqué version.

  8. I love the applique, but I'd love to try the embroidery too!


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