Thursday, August 6, 2015

#99 Summer Breeze with a Splash from RJR Fabrics

I was lucky enough to find this fantastic bundle of Splash by Alex Anderson from RJR Fabrics  in my mail box........

So I went to work on EQ7 to come up with a fun block to showcase this great line
and this is what I came up with. I'm calling it Summer Breeze.

It was my first time making a block without a solid fabric for the background, which was a real challenge for me, lol.  I just wasn't sure if it was too busy....but....

I loved this line of fabric the first time I saw it on Instagram (seriously even the salvage is cute)

and I love all the low volume quilts I see online, but I just wasn't sure I was combining the fabrics properly? I kept stopping and walking away from my sewing, and second guessing myself, as I was completing each block.
It was a real stretching experience for sure, 
but I am glad to say I stuck with it and finished the quilt top and I love it!!!

What do you think? 

Let me know how you feel about this block. Yes or No? 

I would love to hear from you.....


  1. Great quilt. I love the fabrics. I'm like you, I struggle with using a low volume scrappy background. I love the effect though

  2. Wow, there is no stopping your creativity. I see sails everywhere, and the colours have gone so well together, the darker plum/red/pink spots a lovely contrast.

  3. The fabric collections are gorgeous! At first I thought that your block was too busy but after seeing the quilt layout, I think it works beautifully!!

  4. Good for you for going outside of your comfort zone! Like the block. I'm finding that the reds are popping a bit too much for me which makes the "sails" less visible. I guess the reds could get toned-down in the quilting process. Just my impression, though.

  5. Yes!!!! I like it a lot!!! I have trouble stepping out of the box also. It's busy, but put together it's wonderful, I can see the summer breeze blowing the pinwheels!!!

  6. Gorgeous quilt! Gorgeous fabrics! What's not to love?

  7. I really like it. What makes it for me are the two strips on the outer edge, the inner one dark, the outer one less so. That kind of grounds it and provides a counterpoint to the great energy of the rest of the block. This is an example of a pattern being an excellent match for the fabric. I'll bet Alex Anderson will be delighted when she sees the quilt top.

  8. Your block is great! It's full of movement... like air spinning a whirligig! Summer Breeze is very aptly named. The top certainly showcases the new fabrics - and - looks pretty darn nice!

  9. Oh yes!
    I think this pattern is the right pattern for a man's quilt. And the fabrics are perfect too :-)
    It is so hard to find a pattern that works for men but yours does it. Thanks a lot, Sandy ... now I know where I have to look for, when my Dad needs a quilt <3

    Have a nice day and thanks too for this fantastic giveaway

    Sabine (7 am in Germany)


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