Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mini Sunday Fun-Day......

I have been doing so many things lately, and loosing track of WIPs and such 
So I have come up with a plan
An online friend, Christine, over at Stitch All The Things has a weekly linky party called

Stitch ALL The Things

So on Sundays from now on I am going to make my list of what I'd like to see accomplished for the week and post it, a mini Sunday Fun-Day post....
to keep myself on task and organized and accountable to any of you who may
and Tuesdays I'll link up!!

If you feel the same way,
click on the above graphic or Stitch All The Things link above
to jump over and grab Christine's button and look around.

My To-Do List

  1. Continue building the Missing U blocks. I need to make 5 green blocks this week using up, I hope my green scrap bin!! 
  2. Continue working on my Gridlock (name is a work in progress) I'm aiming for 6 blocks a week, that's one row, to get this done before Christmas. (Thinking of doing a BOM starting in Oct. Anyone interested should leave a comment and click follow on the FB group page) this would be one of the blocks!
  3. Continue piecing another one of my secret be revealed 
  4. Cut the white hexies (1372, 3/4") for a WIP I started back around May of 2014. This is a definite Work In Progress........What was I thinking........
  5. Continue sewing the hexies into Triple Diamonds. 25 of 39 together!!
  6. Complete the remodel of my ironing board. Or more truthfully, remind my husband to drill and bolt the counter top to the ironing board base, lol!! This is going to make such a great difference. I have already started to iron on the counter I have in my hobby room (covered with batting and cotton fabric, and my pressed blocks are so much crisper. Guess it holds more heat and sets everything better.
    Well that's my list for my week, not sure how realistic it but I'm sure going to try!!

    How about you??


  1. Well, I look at your new ironing board top, and was so impressed, THEN, I noticed all the colour co-ordinated stacks of fabric there, what a wonderful collection, and so easy to find the one you want. Super greens in your first photo.

  2. I definitely want to follow along with your BOM! I can't wait for the Gridlock (?) pattern!! Crushing on that one for a while now! I'm intrigued by your ironing board makeover too. I wish I had a bit more room - this looks like the solution to many of my ironing issues. Does the steam build up underneath cause a mildew problem, I wonder? I tend to use a lot of steam while pressing, maybe I use too much?? Interested in how it will hold up in the long run.

  3. Sounds like a great plan! One of the reasons I blog is to keep myself accountable to some of the linky parties. It really helps keep proejcts moving along for me. Your BOM sounds like fun - I know how much I love your taste in designs, so I'm sure to like your blocks :*)

  4. Wow, you have so many great blocks here! I love your to-do list, and I can't wait to see more of your WIPs!! Thank you so much for linking up!!

  5. You do have a lot of things going on there! I too like participating in Christine'sTo-Do-Tuesday list to help keep me on track. I'm glad she came up with the idea! I'm going to keep a lookout for the completed Gridlock quilt. It looks amazing.


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