Monday, January 11, 2016

Double Duty Day

I was stumped this month for sure...I can't say with all the busyness of Christmas that I really noticed any good double duty ideas. Not saying there wasn't any, just that I wasn't paying attention !! Then I cleaned out my hobby room and found photo albums,photo sheets,  and even slide sheets that have never been used. Which got me thinking, what else could I use these for.......

 Idea One:
Keep track of the projects and fabrics you've used with a little sampler book.

Idea Two:
Organize your gardening seed packages

Idea Three:
Organize your machine needles or flosses using the slide sheets. There is even a label on every sleeve.

Idea Four:
Organize your acrylic stamps. Double stick tape the plastic sheet to cardstock and slide them into which ever sheet size works....or use sheet protectors for this one.
Seen this idea at Joyfully Made Designs.... what a great way to keep them organized and labeled!!

I think we could go on and on with this once your brain starts to think outside the box.....stickers, gift tags, jewelry......

Have Fun coming up with your own ideas....
and if you don't have any of these laying around at your house not doing anything, keep your eyes open during garage sale season and second hand type stores or friends cleaning out their rooms....

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  1. We are thinking along similar lines. I'm using page protectors to store the little guide papers that come with quilting rulers. And also patterns that I buy that use the rulers. I have them in order by ruler in a 3-ring binder with the guide first and patterns following.


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