Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My First Finish for 2016 Finish Along Q1

I have joined the Bag of the Month Club every year since it's beginning, though I have yet to make all the patterns. So one of my goals this year is to complete a pattern from a previous year
 before I get to sew the bag from this year's months. 
The first bag pattern up is a design from Betz White called Backgammon Bag and it's adorable 
and motivated me to get going on my goal.......

So from the 2 previous years of 12 patterns I had sewn 2 bags, (insert cheeky grin) so I had 10 patterns to choose from. I chose to make the Convertible Bag by Sewing Patterns by Mrs H. 

 I have to say, I learn a lot every time I make a new bag. This is not my area of expertise for sure, but thanks to Google and YouTube, and even designers who answer your questions (thank you Mrs. H), I'm getting better at this.

If I can share a tip or over the instructions, take your time, as they say "measure twice, cut once", use Google and YouTube for visual help, and most of all...I always think of the first one as a trial run :) because the second one is always easier to make.

This was my first time using a foam for the structure of a bag....(it was not S&S) and what I learned... I love the look it adds to a bag, but I am not a fan of working with! It got tricky in some spots for sure. I am so thankful for my Janome 1600P (straight stitch only machine) It handled the bulk like a pro!!
And because the foam is not adhesive I added some straight line quilting that turned out great!

Love adding bling from Emmaline Bags!! First time adding the Handmade tag!!

I now have pliers in my HobbyRoom! I need to add a hammer, an awl and a tool 
Tip: remember to cover your hardware with a double layer or so of some scrap fabric to protect it while you pinch the tines shut!!

 I was so proud of myself for getting the flap lining, directional fabric, going in the right direction. I almost missed thinking about it. Then it would have been upside down when I opened the flap.

Note to self: when you use a home dec/ light canvas  weight fabric and the pattern tells you to use your main fabric for the zipper pocket area...change to a quilt cotton, lol! Oops way to bulky, but I got it to work!

 Don't you just love the little pleat that was made at the bottom of the bag!!

I'm really happy with the way this bag turned out!!

Pattern Review:
I had a few issues with instructions in this pattern, but let me start with, I broke the rules and did not read through the instructions before I in my defence my brain works better with the words and the doing at the same time. If not I don't always understand what the instructions mean(don't always understand this way either...).
I should also add, I did not make this convertible.
I left off the items to make this convert into a backpack.

1. I wish there were more pictures for us visual learners.
2. I found the fabric used in the tutorial made it harder to interpret the pictures that were supplied.
3. I didn't understand why the zippered pocket lining was made with the seam down and the fold up. It seemed to me the pocket would be stronger with the fold at the bottom?
4. I found one area of the pattern more confusing than it needed to be, getting that cute little bottom pleat, again all in how our brains work,  but like I said,  the next one will be a breeze!!
So worth the effort....
It's a great grab and go size, and with 2 zipper pockets and 2 slip pockets, should keep all your stuff organized.

Sneak Peak:

Now I get to work on the new year, January bag.......

I picked my fabrics:

 and started to sew......I need to ask, am I the only one who has trouble getting the Pellon Fusible Fleece to fuse??? What am I doing wrong?? I could not get it to stick no matter what I I ended up quilting it in place......eeeeer!!!!!!! (the quilting did turn out nice though)
and then I cut out my first pocket upside
So instead of the colours being along the bottom of the pocket they are at the top. So of course I repeated for the second pocket too. (some mistakes are good...I like it!)

 Have a great week everyone!!


  1. I like both of these bags, but too confusing for me.

  2. Both bags look great. I am a visual learner as well. I find things easier if I can see how they are to look.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Linda!! Glad I came over to the blog doc check something, or I wouldn't have found your comment. It wasn't sent to my phone? Weird...

  4. Great bag, and I love that red print. Good luck with the rest of your bags.

  5. Both bags are so beautiful.Great job!

  6. I love your convertible bag! I think I may have to make it a second time! I think your little oops was great. Can't wait to see this one finished!

  7. Wow you are really talented! and you must have a lot of patients to be able to sew the bags. Have you ever thought about doing as a business? I think both the bags look great but the pink one is my favourite. keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future.

    Nathanial Thorton @ VDB Ventures


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