Monday, January 4, 2016

Travel Cup Cozy

I found this pattern awhile ago  over on All People Quilt and have made multiple versions of the design, so I thought it was about time to share my tweak of the original and the original link and version again. 
These are a great scrap buster and gift to have around to share with others.

What you will need:
  • Find the Original Pattern here. 
  •  My Version of the pattern here.  (I've only added my tweaked pattern for those who aren't comfortable with tweaking a pattern. You can print the original and use or tweak to your own preference. I squared mine up so the cup was covered all around and not exposed where the corners rounded on the original)
  • Batting 
  • Scraps of fabric for piecing
  • Backing fabric
  • Round elastic or hair elastics
  • large button (I tend to use 7/8"- 1.25" buttons)
  • needle and thread
  • normal sewing supplies
  1. Cute 3 pieces with your pattern.1 front* ,1 back and 1 batting. Mark the open spot (for turning after sewing) on the wrong side of your backing piece. *How you complete your front piece is where all the fun can design the top of your cozy anyway you want. Solid piece of fabric, appliqué, pieced, quilt as you go.....If piecing or quilt as you go, create a piece larger than the pattern and cut pattern out after sewing your pieces together.
  2. When your front is done, if you have quilted  yours it already has the batting attached, if not lay your backing right sides together on your front piece and add a piece of batting cut with pattern on top. Pin all three layers together to prevent shifting. 
  3. Add a piece of elastic to the one end of your cozy, matching raw edges. Make sure you have about an 1" loop on the inside. I backstitch this area a few times when I am sewing the seam for extra strength. 
  4. Sew together leaving the opening you marked for turning(I have started to sew mine with a 1/4" seam, I like it a bit wider), backstitch at the beginning and ending of sewing.  Clip corners to remove some of the bulk and turn right side out and press, taking care to press the seam fabric inside where the opening is. Topstitch close to the edge, making sure to catch both sides at the opening to close it with your topstitching.
  5. Wrap the cozy around your favourite cup (mine is a Medium, Dark Roast, 2 sugars from Tim Hortons, :) and mark where you will want to sew on your button. Sew on your button....

And that's it!! Your hands won't get burnt and your cup will never have looked better. 
I'm warning you now though, make extras 
because all your friends will be asking for one of their

If you need a refresher or are new to quilt as you go, I made a tutorial awhile back.....but remember I didn't add the backing fabric during the quilting for the cup cozy, just stitch the fabric to the batting.


  1. These are such a cheerer-upper! I made something similar for my Sis and she said it brightened up her whole office to have a little personal touch.

  2. Adorable! Looks like you did lots of gift giving!

  3. I know I ask a lot from you, but do you have a copy of the paper pieced puppy, it is too cute, thanks. Lorraine

  4. Love them! You are a real whiz with these cup cozies!

  5. Sandy...I tried getting to this project and to download it, but only a 'cover' page comes up. Any ideas?

  6. Tried to go to your blog tutorial but it said I wasn't invited, I get your emails, but I guess this is different. Love the cup copies!! Thanks

  7. Me gusto mucho, lo probare a hacer, y unos pocos más para mis amigos...jajjaa


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