Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Learning New Knitting Techniques

I saw a very interesting knit hat posted recently 
 on Jennifer's  (@silverbarnes) Instagram account and had to give it a go myself! It's a free pattern called 1898 Hat
Well as it turns out, not only is it a very cool pattern, but their is a great opportunity to be able to give back too!!

The pattern is a free download from, The Seamen's Church Institute Christmas at Sea, a program run to help Mariners. You can find out all about it here...
Now I don't know much about the charity or the site, but I love opportunities to be able to give back, anyway I can, and I love to knit....and I received a great free pattern....so why not make one or two and send them back to help keep someone warm out on the water and say thanks for the pattern!!

The other reason I wanted to make a post about this hat, besides linking to the pattern itself, was because I learned a few new knitting tricks with this hat that I have never tried before and wanted to be able to find the links myself later on....lol

1898 Hat

1. The first thing I learned was a Provisional Cast On.....a way to keep your stitches live to come back to later....I watched this video how to using a crochet hook, easy peasy.


2. The second technique I learned was Grafting in Garter Stitch, but I am going to add links to Garter Stitch and Stocking Stitch, because I should have switched when I came to the middle fold section and didn't....this was my learning hat,  the next one will be even better.....

Garter Stitch Grafting or Kitchener Stitch:

Stocking Stitch:

3. Thought I would share a tip of my own too.....when I  am working on a pattern that requires me to keep track/count any of the stitches or rows, I place the pattern inside a clear heavyweight sheet protector in a binder and use a China Marker to check or tick as I go. Later when I am done I use a tissue and just wipe the marker away!! (a dry erase marker will work too but rubs off the plastic too easily) Ready for the next time I make the same pattern. 

 That's it.....enjoy
and I hope you try one


  1. This looks like a great hat. And a great way to give back.

  2. I don't knit, but my DIL does. So I'll share this with her. Nice how you are giving back. Your tip with the sheet protectors would work well with cutting my quilting pieces! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Sandy! I had to learn these new techniques also--so nice of you to provide the links to them.
    Great hat, great pattern.

  4. If you ever have trouble finding a sheet protector then try this: I just mark off directly on my pattern using a Frixion pen. Just a light press with a warm iron will remove your marks for the next time!


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